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[USER=6375]@JohnW[/USER] I think you know I respect your views, but when you start using someone who has only being in the business for 9 months I do need to question the validity of the advise. Based on that I could call myself a digital marketing guru.
Hi Bert,

En garde! I was trying to answer the question, “Why & How Fb Controls Visibility of Business Pages”.

ISTM, Abby’s article answered that pretty well.

BTW, did you actually compare the recommendations of the “newbie” (Abby Sorensen) with those in the article by Brian Peters? Can you help us with a summary of where Abby’s recommendations are in error?

Abby is employed by Nicole Harrison’s company, SocialNicole. [URL=’http://(https://socialnicole.com/about-us/’%5D Read some
About history here[/URL]. Nicole’s LinkedIn profile is here.

Do we know whether Nicole “proofed” Abby’s article before it was published on Nicole’s site? I sure don’t…

We need to be careful about LinkedIn profiles. They offer some info that may be relevant, accurate or not. I treat them as a potential warning light not a definitive signal.

Bert, Please, gimme a break…

Would you have looked up the Linkedin profile if I had not done it for everyone?

How about you research and post some useful articles on the forum topic?

I’ll be delighted to read your suggestions. ;)