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bb1, post: 261833, member: 53375 wrote:
John, I am but a humble gardener, I leave the research on marketing up to the marketing people. But as a consumer I should be free to comment where there are potential gaps, surely that is the benefit of the forum, to question and probe.
Hi Bert,
And, I’m but a simple retired pedlar…

The problem with the web info about all things marketing related is that there is more inaccurate, irrelevant and out of date info than not.

When it is important to check potential suppliers I may use a range of resources like:

  • Google searches for the business name + words like “reviews”. “problems”, “scams”, “spam”. “rip off”
  • The business website. Incl. Terms and Secrecy pages
  • Linkedin profile
  • Whois lookup for the age of the domain and the name, contact details of the registrant.
  • The Wayback machine to view the site’s history

I don’t trust Google or Yelp-type review sites as these are historically heavily spammed.

Please don’t stop commenting. You bring a healthy dose of scepticism and practicality to all things small business marketing related.