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El Arish Tropical Exotics, post: 261848, member: 6734 wrote:
But I can because I can see my insights and as I said earlier my reach remains quite good. I imagine because I don’t treat FB advertising as advertising but as a way to reach out and interact with people that might be interested in my product. I join FB groups give discounts, post links, like and share other people’s posts, answer questions, etc

Yes, I am in a very, very niche industry but that can have drawbacks as well. I imagine my approach would work for homewares, beauty products, baby gear, etc .

Yes, I can post pretty pictures, so can all my competitors and the majority (which I follow through insights) don’t get as much interaction.

I don’t draw customers to my FB page, I draw potential customers from groups and my FB page to my website. How many likes I have is meaningless, how many customers have used the coupon code I gave a group or names I recognize from my page or groups as well as recommendations to my business are what I’m looking at.

That’s my basic point John. You can still make FB work for you if you can wrap your head around the work involved in sharing real and relevant information and interacting with communities. Paying someone to regurgitate posts every 7 days doesn’t get the same traction as it used to but that just makes FB a more interesting place with less garbage :)
Hi Ann,
With respect, every type of business is different and social media results can vary widely.

1. Location of audience
Many small businesses target customers who live within a 20km radius. Have these types of businesses been badly impacted by the Fb news feeds changes?

Folk may want to check their followers against a location parameter.

Eg. Ann, I did not audit your followers/likers but as it happened the first “liker” I checked from your Fb page was a NZ resident. I note you don’t deliver to NZ.

2. Uninteresting Products/Services
Many of these business types may have trouble attracting large numbers of relevant Fb followers:

Accountants, copywriters, dentists, doctors, electricians, insurance agents, plumbers, SEOs, social media marketers, web designers & veterinarians. Plus thousands more…

These may be problematic because they are categories with very infrequent purchasing patterns, dull/uninteresting topics that people would rather avoid thinking about or they don’t lend themselves to the limited content format of Fb.

Eg. I subscribe to around 12 email formatted newsletters on SEO, online marketing, ecommerce marketing, social media marketing, etc. It is the info format of the email newsletter that I find convenient. I want this info in the written word so I can scan a newsletter’s 8 (say) article headlines and summary text very quickly. I may only click through to an average of 1 full article per newsletter.

The Fb format does not suit my specific info needs. So, while the newsletters offer alternative social media delivery methods, I’m not going to change to them.

3. Irrelevant Followers
There seems to be a world-wide Fb presence who spend a lot of their time “following” and “liking”. I don’t know the reasons but I wonder whether they include folk blindly trying to encourage counter-followers, those looking for scam subjects and other questionable relevance issues.

I’ve audited countless client’s online markets over the years. This would include an assessment of their top online competitors and their use of social media.

I can say that for all of those I audited their Fb pages were a waste of time.
I am not saying Fb marketing is a waste of time!

My message to small business owners is to learn the basics you need to manage the online marketing process and the service capabilities of those who offer them to you.

Ann, This is in no way to criticise your excellent Fb results.

I simply want to encourage small business owners to understand the complexity of the issues and provide them with some evaluation tools that they can implement when they receive the next “social media marketer’s” proposal that is an answer to the maiden’s prayer.