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Interesting stuff. Thanks, this is a topic I believe is so important moving forward.

That’s my basic point John. You can still make FB work for you if you can wrap your head around the work involved in sharing real and relevant information and interacting with communities. Paying someone to regurgitate posts every 7 days doesn’t get the same traction as it used to but that just makes FB a more interesting place with less garbage :)

That to me sums it all up quite nicely. It does raise a couple of questions in my mind:-

1. How many small business operators are actually spending the time doing this? (My personal opinion is that most say they do, far fewer actually do.)
2. If the figures that John suggests are correct, ie. 20% increased level of posts by marketers, and substantial reduction in engagement, does that suggest that we should not be using marketers at all in this segment?

If people want less “promotional/advertising? content, then surely the most personal way of interacting is by the business to tell their own stories, provide their own content etc? That’s real, that’s raw – and it’s “social”

I will go against the grain a little here though. I do think likes and shares do have some importance – not as a measure of success, but as a tool to help understand who your viewers are.

When I first joined LinkedIn, I got a whole heap of new business, but as time went on, I found myself involved the same amount, but not getting any new/meaningful connections. I changed the focus from writing articles to commenting on discussions – the likes became more frequent, I could see who was liking and reach out, resulting in a new avenue for interaction.

I don’t know the answers, which is why I like these discussions. But I do know that John is right in suggesting there are changes which require regular reevaluation of how we are using these tools.