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El Arish Tropical Exotics
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Re: The logo thing. There was a very heated thread about logos here last year where logos were covered in depth. At that time I didn’t want to offend the graphic designers by saying that I was perfectly happy with my fiverr $5 logo but I am. I don’t think anyone gives a stuff about what it is as long as my presentation is neat and tidy. Perfect example of how some big business statistics are not only unrelatable to small businesses but can send the small business owner running in the wrong direction, wasting precious resources.

I found some of the articles you linked to John interesting but like Johny the information was unrelatable to my business. I used to treat business as a linear progression, I now realize that as trends change, as the technology I have access to changes and as social media rules change I have to be prepared to adapt quickly. That’s my strength, not what industry I’m in or my size. Small business marketing is guerilla warfare and I’m ready to rumble in the jungle (with my $5 logo).