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bb1, post: 261903, member: 53375 wrote:
Just to pick up on [USER=34822]@Johny[/USER] comments on logo’s. [USER=6375]@JohnW[/USER] I wonder how many of the business’s listed in the FS directory have a logo because they actually need it, or because the marketers have said you need one, and common business practice is to have one.

I must admit when my kids were younger we would drive down the road looking for that one golden logo. But how many people would be looking for my logo, or making their selection based on my logo. I suspect with smaller business in particular it would be more business name, and the offering that they provide that people look at.

I’m just sitting here watching the Supercars (it’s pouring with rain outside), and I must admit even of the larger business’s advertised on the cars and race track, it’s the business name rather then the logo that stands out to me sure I recognise some of the logo’s, but its interesting how many I have never noticed.

I just noticed the FS logo, and left wondering if it’s really a log, or just their business name in a fancy font, really the brand recognition comes from the name.
Hi Bert,
Please do NOT blame the need for a business logo on us marketers. I suggest historically the “bean counters” are/were more adamant about the need for it.

Were you ever a “sales rep”? At one point, I ended up spending 5 months of the year selling & travelling through countries from the east coast of Africa to the west coast of Hawaii and from the Bering Straights to Antarctica.

No way I would ever have a very expensive travel budget reimbursed if all I could submit were receipts that looked like the proverbial “thumbnail dipped in tar”.

Your question: No one will buy a product or service simply because they have seen a business logo.

Damn right!

Attracting new clients is not the function of a business logo.

Ref. the FS logo: I also wonder why no one from FS has jumped into the discussion to defend their logo?

If they don’t, some FS members may question their marketing credibility.