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Johny, post: 262032, member: 34822 wrote:
What expectation can a logo provide if I don’t know what it is? That’s why I am suggesting that the “goodwill” of a small business is part of the brand…
Hi Johny,
You seem to want a good deal of detailed info on brands, brand positioning and brand value. That’s way too much for a forum. I recommend this hour long video:

Oct 2016: Marketing Deconstructed lectures with Mark Ritson ‘Brand Management: Dropping The Stupid Stuff That Holds Back Australian Brands’.
Presenter: Mark Ritson, associate professor of marketing and branding expert at Melbourne Business School.
Johny, post: 262032, member: 34822 wrote:
Just as “social” media is about being “social” (ie telling stories, interacting etc), which is what people do, not companies.

Here is another video from Prof. Ritson.

He is not anti social media. You will hear him say he recommends it to his clients – where and when appropriate. He is anti the hype that is often spread about social media and he brings to us the numbers to support his hypothesis. :

Jan 2015: Ritson vs Social Media
1. He is largely addressing the social media application to big company marketers and ad agencies, not small businesses.

2. The video was compiled before the Fb algorithm changes of the last couple of years. That should have driven down the engagement rates for many of his corporate examples.

Johny, post: 262032, member: 34822 wrote:
next time we catch up at the end of next month, I may give them some samples.

All up, this will cost me the equivalent of around AUD 100.

You may not even see that as marketing, but, for me, that is being “social”, and is exactly how social media should work
What you were doing is called, “selling”. For sales results, no Internet delivered social media program can come remotely close to a good sales person.

By comparison to all the attributes of direct, person to person communications, Internet social media users are blind, deaf, unfeeling and brainless – not because social media users have no brain but because social media has no brain.

I know these are long videos but I find Ritson an entertaining, knowledgeable and marketing qualified speaker (if somewhat on the colourful language side).