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zayd687, post: 261893, member: 72406 wrote:
Hi Marco,
Why don’t you get us to give you a quote? Since we already give flying solo members a cheaper rate. We know that small business owners don’t have the volume to play with and aren’t repetitive shippers, but you still need a standing chance against the bigger retailers if you want your goods to stay competitive on the domestic market.

Tell the supplier you don’t want his dodgy insurance and work off FOB not CIF. You rather have Australian Assessors go over your stuff ( if damaged) then Somebody in Hong Kong or China and having them decide if you get a payout. Not good letting a foreign party decide on what they should pay you out. $90.00- 120 for an Australian insurance company like QBE is much safer. You’ve got the law by your side.

Let me know the details of the supplier, and when production date finishes.

Hopefully its soon, the closer we get to xmas the higher the shipping prices are getting due to the big retailers stocking up for xmas .

Hello Ash,

Bummer wish I saw your post earlier I would of definitely given you a call.

But I just paid the supplier and shipping agent other day just doing half the original volume door to door to be safe since never used them.

What’s your preferred contact ? Wouldn’t mind for next shipment giving you a call. Do you handle perth cargo?

Best regards