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Website Layout.

I find your site is too contrasting you have a large hero image that is animated sitting on a gradient that is again drawing attention from your text. Having a colour scheme is essential for a brand, but that should not be taking the interest of your audience from the content.

Record yourself doing a talk about psychology or one of the other niches you’re targetting then use a gif containing a segment that shows your motivation. It brings a face to the product and would be building your brand and image, showing you as someone already public speaking of the subjects you’re trying to sell.


Remove clutter your site, and It needs fewer choices, not more. People are easily bored you don’t want them to choose from an extensive list. Your blog if this is the exciting content should not be under the blog but Demonstrated in the landing page that they could get shown your newest items than suggest your older articles to them in the regular blog layout.

Contact details would be on the footer as with any social media tags. if your customer is in the store, you don’t want to be leading them away from the store

they should only see the checkout and what they have in the shopping basket when shopping.

Overall I find the process of seeing your site as a maze I don’t know what I am looking at or what I am meant to be after so your losing a lot of the chance to sell your products with this being the entry point.

apologies for any of this that is hard to read I use apps for assistance but I am not great when it comes to writing.