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Thanks for the feedback guys! Good examples Elissa and good to know the members were actually asking the question first before blindly sending letters without knowing their position/rights.

The post was sparked, as noted, due to a number of recent clients obtaining advice after the fact, when it can be too late to undo what’s already been said/sent so interested in people’s experience. I know ‘lawyer fees’ are off putting and perhaps that stops people obtaining advice first, or people think they’ve got certain rights they don’t actually have, but these scenarios can work out more expensive in the long run. A recent example is a client of mine agreeing to completely rebrand because they received a C&D letter – turns out, the other party didn’t have the right to demand what they were demanding but client had already spent a considerable some in rebranding efforts.

The template question comes up a lot (as you’d imagine) for me. I am not against using them, but goes back to the question – if you’re using a template did you get advice first that you’re actually within your rights to be sending it?