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Patricia C, post: 261836, member: 112232 wrote:
Hi! Thanks for your reply:) because my target audience is in the US or Europe I know that if they had to pay in AU dollars that it would hurt sales conversions. So it is possible to create an Australian shopify store but have payments done in US dollars?

Hi and Welcome :)

Apologies in advance, although i highly recommend you jump onto Shopify support and have an online chat with them – they are 24 hours and welcome queries about their platform and so forth, they are also the ones that know what can and cant be done – AND, sometimes you hear things that us forumites may not know that is about to launch or not ;)

We use shopify, although have not looked at operating your way and are like Rowan targeting Au stuff instead.. In all honesty, i can not see why it cant be done…

Below are some quick links that a quick search on Shopify.com.au revealed:

Currency Codes within Shopify:

Selling and getting paid in different currencies:

Themes and customising:

Good luck

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