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Patricia C
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LucasArthur, post: 261837, member: 34537 wrote:

Hi and Welcome :)

Apologies in advance, although i highly recommend you jump onto Shopify support and have an online chat with them – they are 24 hours and welcome queries about their platform and so forth, they are also the ones that know what can and cant be done – AND, sometimes you hear things that us forumites may not know that is about to launch or not ;)

We use shopify, although have not looked at operating your way and are like Rowan targeting Au stuff instead.. In all honesty, i can not see why it cant be done…

Below are some quick links that a quick search on Shopify.com.au revealed:

Currency Codes within Shopify:

Selling and getting paid in different currencies:

Themes and customising:

Good luck
Thanks so much for the info and your time Jason:)