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bb1, post: 261853, member: 53375 wrote:
Today is R U OK day, an easy question to ask, but one we often overlook.

Very important for any fellow soloists you may know, as we often work in isolation, and things can build up, and sometimes all that is needed is for someone to ask R U OK, for issues to come out.

And don’t just think of your friends and clients, as your competitor as well


For once, let me take a serious stand and applaud you.. Every year, you put this forward with sincerity and meaning.. Personally, i feel this post along with your approach would touch and make some people feel at ease on a day where they may not…

Not being sycophantic, just i feel a simple post like this has much more meaning to those that may never reach out and otherwise ask or other..

Hats off to you….


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