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Firstly I think the heading of this thread is wrong, it’s your opinion that he is unprofessional. Personally I think some of that falls on your own shoulders very heavily. You are the one that sent out faulty badly tested goods. Then on top of that you allowed them to action repairs to the product, which has warranty and other implications if they did the repairs incorrectly or in a dangerous manner. Thus allowing them to onsell a product which may not meet your original specifications.

Personally I don’t believe you should have allowed them to keep the original products, as their argument didn’t stack up as they had defective goods, and as such shouldnt sell them now (as per your OP).

From that point onwards though as you committed to provide free replacements, then you lost them (harsh, but you contracted DHL), it is up to you to make good your commitment. Although I would be claiming the loss from DHL.

What do you do now, send them the 3rd box, as you made a commitment, also send them an official registered letter stating they are breaching warranty and other conditions if they on sell the original repaired products (as they don’t meet your quality standards)..