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Hi Matthew,

Great to hear from you. :) Yes, you can do it.

You have a couple amazing responses already, I also want to add, one of my friends has high functioning autism, he is an extreme introvert, with high level Agoraphobia.

He runs a very successful business, in IT, developing web and phone apps. He has done a lot of work for me as well. He did his study remotely, as he couldn’t cope with the on campus option, he started off with self learning, and then onto TAFE, he does not hold a Uni degree.

He rarely leaves his house, I go and see him occasionally, but 95% of our communications are conducted by email, live chat with digital whiteboards and Skype with screen sharing.

He is so busy he isn’t accepting new clients, as the ones he has, tend to stay with him because he is dedicated to supporting his clients. His customer service is actually better than any other person I have worked with in the past.

He loves what he does, he can work the hours that suit him, usually he starts late and works well into the night, but that suits his lifestyle.

So, for you, the bottom line is do some research on what you can use your natural talent towards.

My husband has a pure natural talent with cars, he is not qualified in any way, 100% self taught, but people bring him their cars to setup for racing, he is also extremely introverted, he would be happy not to have to talk to anyone, I am the opposite, I talk to everyone LOL, we balance each other out :):)

Keep thinking, and ask any questions you may have.

Mischelle :):)