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Hi Mathew – welcome to FS :)

I don’t have a huge amount to add to the above comments, other than to agree that yes there is absolutely hope for “…someone like you”. I think the fact you’re thinking about the changes to work/life and the future, and seeking advice and guidance to do so shows that it can be done!

I trust the comments you’ve received so far show you that there’s a community here ready to help, support, guide, assist etc in your journey and also the nice reminder that you’re not alone in the journey. I think most of us that have started businesses can identify with some of your concerns and have or do share similar feelings.

I do have a post-grad uni certificate now, which is needed for my work BUT it came MANY years after doing something I love and mostly due to changes in regulations etc in my field. It came after dropping out of high school in year 10. It came after people assumed I’d probably not do much being a high-school drop out etc. If you find the thing you enjoy, there will be a way to make it happen as either a job or a business in most cases and industries.