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Paul – FS Concierge
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Hi [USER=103041]@Mat82[/USER]

First off, for everybody reading, I am about to offer a point of view from my personal perspective – that’s all it is.

Ideally you will look for something that you can learn at home, at low cost and enter into also at low cost.

To do something, anything well, you need experience and perspective.

In business, perspective largely translates to finding out what people have problems with and then creating a product or service that solves that problem.

To gain perspective, I suggest forums like this and business GROUPS on Facebook and Linkedin to find out what problems people are having.

If you can spot recurring problems, then you can develop an idea for a business eg, [USER=60404]@Mischelle[/USER] was recently asking for an out of the norm phone system – supplying that could be a business.

Another thing to look out for is nascent or emerging stuff – why? Because there are no experts – which leaves a giant space for you to become expert.

Even where there are plenty of experts, sometimes there are big gaps in the market that you can fill.

Since developing my website a few years ago and capturing around $1M recurring annual revenue – just from the website, I have thought of several services I could offer to other local service based businesses like me.

Some include, developing websites, copywriting, SEO, Adwords, Facebook Advertising, Business Consultant, speacialist email provider, sales funnel developer, small business website photographic service.

My unique selling proposition on every one of the above ideas is that I have done it for myself and I can do it for you too – that is where I see a gap in the market.

So my position would be a gap.

Another gap would be my price – and I could achieve this not only because I am more motivated by helping people than I am by money, but because I can also see that some of the above industries have prices that were more relevant 5 or 10 years ago than they are today. I could deconstruct and rebuild processes in a cost-friendly way and pass on savings to a customer.

To round up the post, to do any of the above service offerings require skill but any of them could be learnt at home (with enough application, persistence and grit) cheaply and a business could be launched cheaply when the bulk of the learning is done.