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Thanks Jason

LucasArthur, post: 262095, member: 34537 wrote:
Awesome post, love reading the OP as well as the contributions… Although its possibly been said before, i am an extreme introvert and rarely deliberately venture out into areas that would have me engaging in one on one chats – albeit one on ones is more comfortable for me opposed to large events with multiple people i may have to engage with..

THAT being said, i hold my own and am rarely thought of in the light of an introvert – why? purely down to the fact that i am consciously aware of my preferences (sitting at home or in the office, working or playing COD or both ;) ) AND the second part is that i found something i loved.. Like really loved, and over the years this love and passion evolved organically in my area of interests and allowed me to move forward.

Why have i said this? Really, and its really what all the others above have said, its about finding a passion.. and interest or something you naturally find easy.. Without going into your OP and pulling apart your ‘challenges’ that you see such a the brick walls and such, what i would love to say to you is be open to your experiences. Meaning to listen with your heart, eyes and mind.

Sounds all wishy washy, i know and i apologise upfront for that.. Although what i mean i guess is be receptive to things.. Such as you may go to a coffee shop and someone starts talking about an emerging technology that you are also aware of, may not have thought much about, but it spikes your interest.. From there, you might go home, check the product, the idea, see if there is a supporting infrastructure you could potentially learn or fill – or even sell (depends if you like selling – and i know you are introvert and anxiety etc etc, but me too and i love selling) to others…

Now, rinse and repeat.. replace emerging technology in the above paragraph and listen for all sorts of things.. Might be clothing, might be web design, might be widget A or widget B, or podcaster, or or or or or… Just be open to learning what you want, what you enjoy and so forth..

Touching on Autism a little, my nephew is high functioning as well and he is brilliant.. Very antisocial, very much so… Although he has had placements with the top research and development companies in Australia, Germany and a few others due to his persistent approach, passion and skill set… So, dont let anyone (especially yourself) let you think that you CAN NOT do something – because everyone in here will tell you YOU CAN!

Maybe, this leads to another thing.. and being an introvert does not hinder this, although maybe try and find a group of people like minded that you can try and creep out of the introvert part to talk about business – or passions – or ideas which will have a secondary effect of supporting you in your endeavours…

Wishing you all the best, i will return to this thread as its updated as very keen to listen to your journey and learn from you and your expertise/knowledge in your chosen field.

Thanks Jason, I really appreciate what you wrote, i found what you said relates to me perfectly. I am spending some time trying to figure out which direction I want to go at the moment. Will keep you all updated as i go along :)