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ruairiau, post: 262348, member: 112433 wrote:
Hi Mat,
I’m gonna offer a different perspective. I read through the responses above and whilst I believe they’re well intended, I think they miss the mark.
Most small business owners wear a lot of hats, adapt quickly, deal with lots of stress, learn fast and are highly motivated. The biggest barriers we face are to do with fatigue and burn out, so motivational responses like the ones above do help for those kind of people.

However, some things you’ve said here stick out to me…

“is there any hope for someone like me”

“I really want to do something with my life that makes me feel like I’ve made a difference”

“I want to do more than just be in a 9-5 job for the rest of my life, it actually makes me depressed to think that could be the case”

The first response to this I have is that you should stop measuring your worth against your ability to start a successful business. Starting a business is hard, very hard – and most fail. It’s very stressful and not for everyone. I’m not saying you haven’t got what it takes; you could possibly be very successful, but don’t think it’s your only option.

If you’re looking for meaning and purpose, there’s other avenues to explore. For example:

Volunteer/Community/Care work,
Army Reserves (age cut off at 39 in Australia),
St John Ambulance,

These are all very fulfilling jobs in themselves or can open doors to other career opportunities. Whatever road you travel, best of luck and keep us all informed.


[USER=103041]@Mat82[/USER] don’t let yourself be discouraged by responses such as above, but it is good to see the alternate view point, yes going into business is hard, stressful ,, a lot of work, and all the rest.

But surprisingly and only based on what I have personal experience with, more people who you would expect to be good at business (ie. Out there, great sales people, motivated, extroverts, etc), are the ones that have failed. As they have assumed because they are so good (sic), they don’t have to work at the business, it will just come to them.

Whereas those who have fears and doubts, actually put a lot more effort research and vitality into the business and make it work.