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First observation is that although you are ‘merely’ asking for a credit card, unfortunately the bank is exposed to credit and will want a full run down on you as an individual (even if it was a pty ltd they would want to know about you).. Although its not a direct answer, IMO, you are best to establish who you want to work with and build a relationship with them — its not a quick fix, although if you have a history of ins and outs (dr/cr), a bank can start to look favourably at a client that is loyal to them and displays good judgement on paper..

To bolster this, grab a dr cc as well (although note some still put you through the ropes for a dr version) as this can also give you credit toward the cc provider (even tough dr) such as Visa or other..

Without knowing much more detail about your history, its hard to say the best angle to take.. Although if you dont have much $ to cover incidentals with cash or a reserve, this may not bode well either with the banks…

Ultimately, it is about relationships and how you tackle the next move…

As you appear new here, maybe search banks and lending in the forum as there has been a few conversations about this and a similar line of queries that may help you out as well..

Good luck


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