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Paul – FS Concierge
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I run a local cleaning business and from time to time am approached by different companies pitching chemicals.

FYI, my own default is to fob them off pretty quickly for 3 reasons:

1. Many make giant claims that strike me as being far-fetched.
2. am for the most part, very happy with what I am using already – it is a risk to my business to change from something I know works well to something that may or may not work well.
3. Compliance – we need SDS labels and PDF’s for all of the chemicals we use….

This may be useful – if you developed CHEAP, different coloured stickers that can be applied to standard cleaners bottles for use with your floor cleaner – eg, green for floor cleaner, red for toilet cleaner, blue for porcelain cleaner – that would be an advantage over most chemicals in the market.

Also, watch out that your chemistry doesn’t get ripped off. I once called a supplier who was supplying a chemical under license to be told that the chemical I was looking for was not sold by the supplier anymore but they had an in-house chemical now that did exactly the same job…..

Overall, I think you would be more successful if you waited for the results of the trial if they were successful as you could then make claims around where your products are already being stocked and that would help you to break into a new market.

All of the above said, there is always Shark Tank And here is their own Youtube Channel