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Hi Rachael

Thank you for your response.

Please consider if the following is suitable in your own circumstances:
1 – Amazon / Shopify clothing retailers that you can develop a long term professional relationship with.

I would be searching Facebook and Linkedin for groups that cater to your industry and niche therein. You’d want to find out if they need fresh and new suppliers of clothing in your niche.

2 – Try online markets where retailers of clothing reside. An example could be Ebay or Etsy. As per above , try and find out facebook and linkedin groups where the owners hang out.

3 – Very underrated is twitter because many non- Australian e-tailers are here and go via Etsy and Ebay.

4 – Be active in social media and on forums like this because there will always be help available.

Above all make sure you marketing in terms of messaging and visuals is highly specific to your niche. For example, if your advertising lawn bowling shoes to teens, it isnt likely to go well.

Sing out if you need help.

Good luck.