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Hi Sally,

Firstly congratulations on launching your new product.

You do need to work on your SEO as you are up against some stiff competition with Rip Curl, Roxy and Hooded etc. I have a Rip Curl one, but I really love your pink one !!!!!

One of my sports teams have “Hooded” brand ones with their club names embroidered on them, but I have to say I love the look and quality of your product better.

I think your quality needs to be one of your key selling points.

As for which platform to advertise on – mmm, your target market is probably Instagram more than Facebook, but you should already have that information.

Instagram normally has a higher CPC than Facebook, so factor that into your budget.

Go through an map out your campaign as per Matt’s post, this will help you decide on the platform, and then set a budget and start with a small campaign to test your ROI.

Good luck and I will definitely be coming to Raw Salt for my next Hooded Towel, I want that pink one !!!! :):):) God I am such a girl :rolleyes: