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Hi Nathanial,

Firstly welcome to the forums :) Please read everything very carefully, as I give lots of examples throughout.

So I had a look through your site and my first thought was, you want to be a “Ferret” type directory for the artisan community? Not selling like Etsy, but connecting people. Correct? (I mean Ferret Australia – not the little fury animal) :)

Then I read your details:

Here at Pangoguru you will find a large range of quality manufactures from large companies able to produce bulk orders to small at home businesses.

My thoughts on this are mixed, as I think you are trying to be two things when you should focus on one, the artisan niche side of it, very much like Spotisan or AOW Handmade (without the hands on approach) or https://www.commonobjective.co/ for fashion suppliers and buyers.

BUT, if you are allowing large companies to bid on projects, I ask the following:

  • Do you have any pre-qualification process on the suppliers?
  • Do you verify the qualifications or certifications (IE ISO9001) – I am talking the Large companies who can mass product etc.

The reason I ask this is mainly in regards to your passage about large companies mass producing, what would make me come to PangoGuru over Alibaba for mass production if there is no pre-qualification process?

This is not a criticism, just a personal opinion. :):)

Currently you have welders, carpenters etc, which is fine, but it’s not niche, whereas a stonemason is artisan, a true craft.

I can post a job on AirTasker for a welder etc, so I think you need to decide are your going to be artisan or mainstream?

I believe you should focus on developing a screening process of suppliers /Guru’s to ensure you have a mix of manufacturers or craftsmen who are a good fit for your customers.

FOR EXAMPLE: You have a Leather goods manufacturer, which is the sort of thing a customer may want, but there is no profile, no examples of past products etc for this particular Guru.

Some have a small profile and examples, some don’t, I think it’s critical to the quality of “guru’s” that they have their profiles 100% complete prior to being able to bid on projects. This build credibility.

I know you are just starting, and you want to get traction, but having a pin point focus helps you for your marketing and helps your customers understand the business.

Sorry for the long post, you are on the right track.

Mischelle :):)