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RunicConvenience, post: 262106, member: 112020 wrote:
I have always been against the idea of retirement it’s a lie we are told, but really if you have any stint of time not working it gets extraordinarily lonely or boring.

Essentially our interactions and day to day life are revolving about what we do but if your “holidaying” all the time whom do you tell about it. Other people, your social network is working when your not so the freedom is artificial almost always end in dying faster.

My business goal as in the long term not the whole point of the business is that I can work doing something I tolerate until the time I drop maybe do short holidays once every five years. Having my other employees run the show for the month.

By doing a job, you can occasionally stand you meet people. Socialise and keep your mind active by being always forced to learn and improve that does more for the process of aging than anything else.

so if your goal is really to retire earlier, what is it your wanting from that retirement and why can’t you achieve that now?

yes i agree with you, I had a distant relative who worked their butt off their whole life in a PAYG job, he retired a few years early for whatever reason,
within 6 months, of doing nothing, he had died from health issues, never had a health issue in his life

my ultimate dream is not to sip cocktails by the beach like in those instagram photos, I know that doing nothing gets old quickly,
whenever I go on holidays, by day 10, Im getting bored

I want the ability ot have choices, travel whenever I want, work whenver I want, do some volunteer work when I want,
all without having to worry about bills, lifestyle costs, etc,

its all about options for me ;)