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RunicConvenience, post: 262150, member: 112020 wrote:
I did the renovation thing it gets boring after awhile. I am happy now to get a professional in for maintenance work then attempt to do it all myself.
But there is no reason you can’t do those things now my point is more retirement does not mean you can start then if you have anything you’re putting off for when you retire your better off to plan around doing it now not later.
Whatever floats your boat, but I live in an area overrun with grey nomads that would strongly disagree with the idea of retirement being a void. They are happy, active, living their dream and traveling in a way they could not do when they were working.
Retirement will not change who you are and is not a golden ticket. If you were bored, dissatisfied and didn’t engage with life when you were working chances are you won’t when you retire. On the other hand, it is definitely put to good use by some :)