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Hi Mrdoughnutman,

There are lots of options in this space that you can further research, but here are some starting points:

As previously suggested there is UberEats – They take care of delivery, however, they take up to 30% of sales, which will eat quite heavy into your profits.

Other options services like Menulog, take care of the ordering part, but you are responsible for the delivery part. Which again, between their commission fee (7% – 14%) and delivery costs. You will probably find it is not cost effective.

There is an Melbourne outfit (OrderMate) that offers 6% commission fees on for the online ordering aspect, but again they do not include the delivery service. Which you will be responsible for.

A quick google search with “food ordering app” will bring up heaps of options.

With regards to your questions and running your own delivery service, you will need extra functionality that is not included in the most ecommerce software to coordinate delivery times and lock off times for purchases (ie minimum 3 hrs for delivery prep).

Check out GoPeople for delivery services, otherwise look into the main courier within your area, as they are typically the most cost effective. I would think 5-10 lead on donut gift box is a bit unrealistic. Would you order a gift box 5 to10 days out before ?

Most businesses/customers would only order the day before at most. Couriers charge by weight, distance and urgency, a flat rate could be negotiated however your will need a large volume of deliveries to support it. Really you will need to start making some calls to see if the numbers work for you.

If you are interested in a website that handles the delivery and pick up scheduling checkout Seedling Commerce. It’s give’s your business ecommerce websites with builtin delivery and pickup scheduling.
(Sorry a bit self promotion) I am Melbourne based and it would be good to come and show the system if you have a a quick moment.

Best of luck the enterprise!