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Peter – FS Administrator
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Hi Karl,

Thanks for posting and being so open to brutal honesty – you certainly have received some frank advice :)

I’ve had a good look/read through the website and I think at it’s core it’s a very strong and simple offering you have, clearly with a whole lot of development skills and experience behind you.

As you mentioned, I think the key issue here is that you are coming at this from a technical/development point of view, whereas the home page/website is a marketing channel targeted at small business owners.

I like the personality of the contender, as it’s nice to see the person behind the service so I do think that would be good to incorporate. And as others as mentioned screenshots and/or links to your past projects would be key.

If you have the budget, or perhaps a contra, I think this would be a perfect project for a copywriter to work with you and define your ideal customers, key benefits, testimonials, experience etc to create a strong story. For example some of the copy and messaging in your FAQs is compelling.

In a nutshell I think all the elements are there for an attractive website offering for small business, it just needs to be packaged up. You are in a good place where you have the ‘product/service’ bedded down (usually the hardest part), so it’s now largely a sales/marketing issue in my opinion. It’s very often the other way way around where people have slick sales of an inferior product!!

Not sure that helps in the short term but I look forward to seeing your progress :)

Cheers, Peter