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bradzo, post: 262178, member: 3742 wrote:
Hi everyone

After ages in the wilderness, I seem to have created an online something… :)

If you were a real estate agent looking for a personally branded mobile app (not rea or domain or business) then here is something….

My step-daughter asked for an app, so that’s where it all started.

Without further ado, can I get your thoughts on this? ( I know not a lot of you are real estate agents, but still … imagine you were… :)


Oh, and at this point, because I’m crap at CSS etc etc, it only looks quite good on a wide screen desktop monitor…. :)

Um also, the “app” within the ‘phone’ graphic actually works so you can interact with it.

Thanks in advance for your comments, and I appreciate your feedback.

Thank you all.


I think the app is good and could probably adapt to plenty of professionals etc.

A couple of things re the actual website;

It needs links between the pages, I had to use the back button to retrace my steps…not a good look imo.

As mentioned the CSS breakpoints need some work, currently pretty janky in my browser (all ok at actual mobile size).

Maybe you’re onto it already but I’d have a serious look at “CSS Grid” (start with Mozilla developer thingy or Jen Simmons videos for an overview), especially if CSS is not your thing and you want bullet proof break points with almost no code…it uses native browser API’s and the browser does the work, not lots of code with floats etc and almost no media queries needed if your code is clean.

This bit is personal opinion…

I’d have the embeded app “front and centre” (above the fold at all breakpoints) with an obvious “try me” pitch. Currently it falls to the bottom of the page in mobile view with too much to scroll through to even get to it.

if you hadn’t mentioned that it worked in your post I probably would have assumed it was an image and not played with it…and I figure the “app” is your USP.

Good luck with it.