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Thanks Greg, and thanks Bert.

Needs work then? :)

Bert – the More Info was my test for a 404 page – I hadn’t added that page yet but that proves the 404 page worked :) Obviously, even that text needs to change.

Interesting that you both found that you couldn’t “go back” – not quite sure how you found that difficult – the normal back button on the browser does what one would expect? (oh unless you were viewing on mobile – I need to check that)

re the app benefits and pricing popups – should all the content go into popups rather than separate pages if “going back” seems to be an issue?

It *is* a dogs breakfast, so how can I make it better?

Bert – good point re “just so I can have it in my pocket” – its not actually for the real estate person themselves. Its really a tool to give away (so to speak) to their prospects – buyers, vendors etc – rather than competing with realestate.com.au’s app, the real estate salesperson can (hopefully) build a network of prospects with their own app. The whole thing started from my step-daughter wanting an app of her own.

Thanks for pointing out the bleeding obvious though with regard to “why” – I tend to get caught up in the dev side of things, and spoil the selling side of things.

If someone can help me with the selling side of things, I’d really appreciate it – willing to pay to get this thing moving.

Greg – it started as a Bootstrap template – the background video really caught my eye and it matched well with Georgia’s app – with the hamburger menu bar in the top left hand corner, being drawn by the lady in the video.

I’ll add some extra text somewhere that says “try me!” because I agree, it isn’t immediately obvious that its not just an image.

I’m not sure how I would go about changing it so that it shows the above the fold – on a wide desktop, the grid layout is 6,3,3 Bootstrap cols – and I chose that configuration to show the video playing and placing the “drawing” in the first 3 cols, and the second 3 cols to show the embedded app in the phone image. Not really sure how I’d change the layout of that to make it “make sense” on mobile. Maybe I need a completely separate layout for mobile… hmmm.

Thanks very much to both of you – I really appreciate your comments.