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Greg – yes, its a Meteor app so, yes, using JS to render the HTML templates. One of the biggest reasons I use Meteor is that it’s a complete end-to-end tool – all the way from front end to back end and being able to build for web, iOS and Android from a single code base – ie: just HTML, CSS and Javascript (and Cordova plugins for native mobile of course) And then the ecosystem provides deploy tools too – this app is currently running on 2 EC2 instances behind a load balancer (I’m thinking ahead of time!) and secured by an AWS certificate to give me https. (some of the content is loaded over http from third party websites I lose the green secured lock thing in the browser, but anyway … )

Bert – yes hah! I see grammar issues as well, all the time! :) Yes, I agree, tech people are crap marketers! Note to self: must make more of an effort to put myself in user shoes…

Thanks both of you – I really appreciate your comments.

I’m off working on it now …