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Peter – FS Administrator
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Hey Bradzo,

Great to see you around and nice idea!

I’m approaching this from a marketing point of view (not tech) but Greg and Bert have already raised some good points in terms of some of the detail.

As I think you’ve indicated, it appears to me that you’ve spent a lot of time carefully crafting/designing the app itself (the demo looks brilliant!) but not invested as much time or thought into the sales/marketing page.

As has been suggested, I’d have the trial demo front and centre on the website with the primary goal being getting prospective agents to ‘play’ around with Georgia’s demo app and see how slick it is. Then, the message might be along the lines of ‘do you want an app like this for you?’. On subsequent pages or lower down you can provide more info on benefits/features once you’ve got people interested.

The concept of being able to claim your name/app is clever, but I tried a few names and they didn’t look anywhere near as slick as Georgia’s demo (no doubt because you would customise each one and populate with content), so I’d be inclined to just put your best foot forward with the demo.

I’m imaging that face to face you could sell the idea by just putting your phone in people’s hands and getting them to interact with a demo app. People might soon see how theirs would look/help. So the website is a virtual version of that process.

My two cents :) Look forward to seeing how it develops.

Cheers, Peter