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Peter – FS Administrator
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I love this topic Lucy, and really struggle with it.

6 years ago I did a From night owl to early bird in 7 days challenge with the FS readers that went like this…

  • Night before: Select one high-priority project to focus on – NOT email and admin
  • 5am sharp: Jump out of bed for a quick shower – resist the lure of the snooze button
  • 5–5.30am: Toast, coffee and pondering life on the back step – that’s the reward bit!
  • 5.30–7am: Get to work (on weekend days I’ll use the time for exercise and reading)

While I’m not naturally a morning person, I’ve done this routine a few times, and every time I feel really good and much more productive. Even so, I’ve never managed to turn it into a regular habit! It’s been a year since I’ve tried it.

Maybe it’s time to get cranking.

That’s the long answer. Short answer is I get up around 6.30 and head to work at 7.30.

Could be an article in this Lucy??