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elissa.doxey, post: 262290, member: 88225 wrote:
As others have said:
1. The lingerie picture for “women’s fitness” is offensive. The blokes one isn’t that great either. I mean, sex sells, but it just looks tacky.
2. There’s no obvious reason to shop at your store over any other “cheap” stores or going to ebay – where I’d probably get a better range & price on the same item.
3. Setting up a website & social media channels doesn’t = sales. Ideally, you’d be spending $ on social media advertising, but I don’t think that’d work here because there’s not enough appeal to make a purchase (see point 2).

Drop-shipping isn’t the entrepreneurial leap it’s touted to be.

I strongly agree with [USER=88225]@elissa.doxey[/USER], how can you say the that its for women’s fitness? The thumbnails shows a sexy lingerie and beside it is a baby collection??

[IMG]https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0035/7272/7920/collections/sexy_corset_180x.png?v=1538035934[/IMG] [IMG]https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0035/7272/7920/collections/baby-boy-girl-two-cute-cartoon-babies-66837694_180x.jpg?v=1538274733[/IMG]

1. Your website design doesn’t look like I’m secured when I decided to buy some of the products.
2. No proper site architecture or category
3. The above the fold of the website is entirely white