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bb1, post: 262302, member: 53375 wrote:
Must admit I query some of these posts and wonder if they are just put on here as a hope of gaining some more sales rather then seeking legitimate feedback on their website. So often it happens (this is just one of many), where the member has joined on Monday, made this post on Monday, and not being seen again to read the reviews given by us.

Maybe it’s Friday and I’m just cynical.

BB1, i can see you have replied 3 times in regards to my post.
Thanks for coming back to review, as stated i do apologise i didnt come back sooner, i have been quite busy..
However i have noticed you haven’t give me much of an opinion on why you think this of the website, please elaborate more on your responses.
I dont understand why you need to be so negative, each and every other person have had their comments stating what they believe is wrong with the website to help me, this is my first ever set up. I need real responses and help from the community, which is why i took this step to get peoples opinions and constructive feedback.. So please let me know your feedback and what you think and not how you think im seeking sales and not legit about my post.. Your opinion matters and i will take it on board, i dont want negativity thanks..