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mjdirect1, post: 262360, member: 112391 wrote:
However i have noticed you haven’t give me much of an opinion on why you think this of the website, please elaborate more on your responses.
I dont understand why you need to be so negative, each and every other person have had their comments stating what they believe is wrong with the website to help me, this is my first ever set up. I need real responses and help from the community, which is why i took this step to get peoples opinions and constructive feedback.. So please let me know your feedback and what you think and not how you think im seeking sales and not legit about my post.. Your opinion matters and i will take it on board, i dont want negativity thanks..

You obviously didn’t read my first response, I answered your questions exactly as I felt,

Are my prices to high? _ yes
Is my website bland? – Yes
Am i too broad with my products? Yes

How else can I say you prices are high, they are high.

Is your website bland – In my opinion yes it is bland

Am I to broad with my products? Again, I said yes because I believe you are to broad with your products.

I also noted ”What Jason said”, I didn’t see any point in restating every point that Jason made, as they are spot on.

I also went on to say ”But also your prices are listed in Australian dollars, but then when I go to the cart it is USD, in other words I will be paying foreign exchange fee’s, plus whatever the foreign exchange rate is on the given day.”

Sorry it may all be negative, but I can’t see anything positive about your website, and it is far better to get negative feedback, then everyone saying it is great, and your sales don’t happen.

Just as an aside the fact that you are not selling, would indicate that your potential clients also have a negative perspective.