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Johny, post: 262263, member: 34822 wrote:
I agree. A question.

Do you think it is more or less common than say 10 years ago?

I have my own views, but interested in the thoughts of others.

I think it’s a lot more common and probably accelerating.

Our politicians, our banks and other bigger businesses (my favourite Telco comes to mind) set the example for everyone to follow imo.

How can you expect the little guy to act with integrity when all around them they’re faced daily by corporate lying thieves who believe in a divine right to their profits.

Marketing has become (maybe always was) who can tell the best lies to generate sales wins…especially online. No marketer ever takes responsibility for the end result the customer actually receives, if they had to, they’d be the most litigated industry on the planet.

Having had that whinge, I think there’s still plenty of opportunity for small operators to create niches/sales/profit based on delivering a real service with that weird word that corporate’s usually choke on (except as a token gesture) integrity .

Once a client/customer get’s a taste of it, their yours for as long as you want them in my experience.

Once upon a time “in the good old days” we did large $ value contracts on the shake of a hand (and got burned less often than you will today). I miss that.

Most of the work I do today is based on my industry experience going through hundreds of documents looking for intentionally laid “gotchas” in the fine print of contracts coming from companies promising to be your best friend (until your not the lowest price, or want to get paid…ha ha).

You might of guessed, I’ve become a touch cynical in my old age.