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CephIT, post: 262278, member: 112253 wrote:
The most flexible system I work with is Twilio. Twilio is a fully programmable provider for SMS, Voice, SIP Endpoint, Sip Trunking etc.

Using Twilio is admittedly quite advanced. But there are many possibilities and you don’t have to fork out for hardware (phones etc) to get started.

There are easier ways to start but they won’t quite offer the reporting capabilities or the programmable flexibility of Twilio.

I am researching into alternatives that offer similar functionality but have a better presence in Australia. I find Twilio’s quality reasonable.

Another few question I might ask:

Do you have a current PBX system?
Do you receive calls more or make calls?

I may need further info on you business itself to go further.

I havent kicked off my business yet (still a long way off so just planning) so no to PBX. As for inbound/outbound calls. I will be starting a Migration Agency business. I expect more inbound calls. Outbound calls for consultancy purposes may be through skype as overseas. Outbound calls to already secured clients would be through the system. Still though…just researching!
Really appreciate your assistance.