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Hi Kim,

I’m not too sure of your industry, but can I just ask if you’ve sought funding from the government at all for your business?

My sister in law is a mobile counselor, but she works for a company directly over here in Western Australia that is subsidized by the government, rather than her directly working.

I imagine that you will also need some insurances too. I can fully understand that you want to help people, and I mean not to deter you, but you need to be full bottle on looking after numero uno; you.

Here is a link to an incident that occurred only yesterday here in Western Australia, where the counselor unfortunately passed away after an altercation with a client who stabbed her.

If you are driving around from client to client, and it is just you, I would assume that this is also quite dangerous if there is no call in procedure or someone to ensure that you are OK after each job.

Can I just ask if you have these critical items ticked off the list
1. Insurances;
2. A safe procedure

If not, then it would be prudent to ensure that these items are covered prior to monetizing the role.

I also mean no disrespect in my message above, but just trying to help out if possible by asking the hard hitting questions up front.