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James Millar
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overvisa, post: 262390, member: 5343 wrote:
Thank Paul and Bert for pretty useful opinions.

I can see lots of puzzles need to be solved, my plan is to develop our own brand initially stocking up with a few product lines. The top priority in production is to ensure products built at possible highest quality with trending designs while keeping the production cost at the minimum (comparing to high-end products in China) and I am quite optimistic sorting it out through my network here.

Thank you Paul mentioning solutions of utilising the power of social networks, I am sure its one of viable approaches for every startups nowadays and definitely will try my luck.

Again, future partners please contact me for further discussion.

I think you need to find your unique point of difference from an end customer perspective. Clothing is everywhere online and offline so to be honest, unless you have a truly compelling offering I would not invest. Good supply chain management is not really a unique point of difference from a customer perspective. There are plenty of very well managed mature supply chains that are way ahead of you. Sorry if this comes across a little harsh. There probably is a way to innovate and create a customer USP but I doubt supply chain USP is going to change the world.

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