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John Debrincat
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Patricia C, post: 262428, member: 112232 wrote:
HI there!
I am a stay at home mum trying to create an online business using Shopify and am a bit stuck and frustrated with these 2 questions:

1) I was told today via shopify chat that I had to register for GST – regardless if I am only starting and haven’t reached the threshold of 75.000$ yet, and that GST would only be charged once I hit the threshold. However, I just read on Business.gov.au that: “I can choose to register if my gst turnover is below the 75.000$ threshold, however this means that once registered, regardless of my turnover, i must include gst in my fees and claim gst credits for my business purchases.” So this means I’d be charging gst from the get go then?! (I’m very confused)…

2) I live in Australia and am creating my shopify store here so that means payment from purchasing customers is done in AU $. My problem is: my target audience is not in australia. It’s in the US and Europe and although I’ve added the currency app to my store so customers can view the products in their own currency, this will possibly affect sales conversions due to the fact that the amount presented to them in their currency is not a neat one and that their final payment is in AU$. Does it make sense for me to worry about this? If so, what should I do?

If anyone could help shed some light on the matter or recommend someone else i can speak to before giving up?


Hi [USER=112232]@Patricia C[/USER] the Shopify support has told you a porkie I suspect that they have no idea what Australian GST is and should not be offering advice.

Follow the advice on business.gov.au or from the ATO – https://www.ato.gov.au/Business/GST/Registering-for-GST/.

If you are selling overseas you do not need to add GST at all to your orders. That is if your orders are paid for and delivered overseas.

Dynamic currency conversions on most online stores are always an issue as the base currency is what the customer is generally charged anyway. So if you product prices are in AUD$ then that is what they will be charged and then the actual final value will be different to the currency conversion value anyway. This is because the card schemes (i.e. Visa and M/card) work out their own rates that will not be the same as the currency converter.