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I’ve also seen the trademark registration scams as well – Domain Trademark Clearinghouses effectively lists of registered trademarks that are protected and managed under ICANN, allowing you to get alerts for domains, priority access to new TLD releases, and forced warnings to anyone else trying to register domains using your trademark.

It’s an extension to a trademark, in that by having a trademark you own the right to it, but it’s still your responsibility to defend it, which in this case means registering relevant domains and such as required, especially in the scope of a large, international business.

It does not in any way claim to be trademark registration, nor offer that service; It’s purely bulk domain registration, alerting, or protection based on a submitted trademark claim.

As a CoreHub partner (wholesale only domain registrar), this is what I offer via them: https://corehub.net/services/brand-protection/

Hope that clarifies things and helps you.