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I agree Bert.

I am no marketing guru and fumble my way around. I am also finding myself reading and seeing more and more about what “marketing” is supposed to be.
There is some good stuff out there, but like everything on the internet you have to wade through a lot of garbage to get to it., and much of it is contradictory.

I turned 50 this year so put myself in the “old fart” category now. I acknowledge I am not up to speed with all that is digital, and have some “back in my day” thinking, but there are two things that stand out to me:-

1. Being first, fastest or loudest might provide some short term benefit, but nothing beats honesty and transparency. I think many have forgotten that. Yes, I realise marketing has always been about smoke and mirrors to varying degrees.

2. When someone says something is good, make sure to check and see what benefit they get for it.

As you said in another thread, still plenty of opportunity around to market in different ways and we have to be open to all the potential opportunities, not just follow the same one as if it is the only one.