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Paul – FS Concierge
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Greg_M, post: 262597, member: 38207 wrote:
Good post, for my money the key to the frustrations being expressed about marketing (whatever the method) and the issue of trust, is well expressed in the extracted and underlined part from your post.

“And it is not just the marketing that has resulted in my current results because the marketing is in effect a series of promises I make to prospects. Being able to execute on those promises is another huge factor.”

It’s not the marketing that’s the problem, it’s the reality of the “execution” of the promise by the business behind it.

Large or small, execute as promised and you’ll have a good business (assuming there’s real demand-something quite a few wannabes miss). Too many start up businesses think it’s simple…tick the boxes, borrow some money and wait for the profit to roll in…ha ha.

Good execution can be bloody hard work…something too many seem to think they can avoid going into business.

I think your experiences, financial and personal are typical, not rare. Being self employed can be a tough gig.

In my main career background in construction, there’s a saying amongst many contractors I know, “if you haven’t gone broke at least once, your not a serious player”.

Most of my contemporaries have also been divorced (mainly for the reasons you’ve mentioned). I’ve experienced both scenarios and neither one is something I’d recommend to anyone.

The “dark side” of the cost of being in business is probably not discussed enough and why there’s always newbies ripe for the picking by get rich quick promoters playing to naive aspirations…there’s no profit in telling the truth i.e. there’s a high chance you’ll fail both financially and personally.
[USER=38207]@Greg_M[/USER] – I agree with every word!