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Wow! What an interesting thread/question Johny and thanks for stirring it up Bert and all. I’ve loved watching the rebirth of the Dunlop Volley brand go from humble run-of-the-mill tennis shoe to hipster fashion item :)

Regarding the broader original point… while I don’t see the shift to digital as a fad, I agree that the pendulum has swung way too far towards digital as the ‘default’ marketing option. I think a lot of this is because it can be seen as the easiest/cheapest tactic (specially when hoping to start out). Often it seems like the attitude can be to ‘throw something up’ and see if it sticks.

The fact is that these days with just a little bit of knowledge and money you can set up a slick digital presence that ‘looks’ good or better than most established players overnight. Even if there is nothing fundamentally behind the facade. While this lack of barrier to entry can be good for genuine soloists, in my opinion it also leads to a lot of mediocre offerings that don’t deliver which can erode trust overall, even for the good people. Hence everyone being so skeptical.

I just couldn’t agree more with Greg.

“… marketing is in effect a series of promises I make to prospects. Being able to execute on those promises is another huge factor. It’s not the marketing that’s the problem, it’s the reality of the “execution” of the promise by the business behind it.

Large or small, execute as promised and you’ll have a good business (assuming there’s real demand-something quite a few wannabes miss). Too many start up businesses think it’s simple…tick the boxes, borrow some money and wait for the profit to roll in…ha ha.

Good execution can be bloody hard work…something too many seem to think they can avoid going into business.

People want trust, reliability, quality and value-for-money. In a nutshell, just be really bloody good at what you do and offer a great product/service consistently, and over time you can build a great business with loyal customers. If that execution is done (i.e. the really hard work and long grind part) then the sales/marketing adds the cream on top.

Often there is too much focus on the paint job and not enough on the engine!