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The phenomenon I observed and I have thought a lot about is that reaching the very top of the Google rankings seems to bestow a level of Trust that prospective customers have in my service Because my site has been ranked #1 by Google. In my mind, people think my service must be good because Google has ranked me high.

Dave, I know and understand that is a positive. But I see it as a part of the problem. It is similar to:-

Not using a generic email adds trust
Using a paid supplier on Alibaba is a sign of quality
and it goes on

It is more a sign that people have become too lazy to scroll through google to actually research several suppliers, same with Alibaba. As for the emails, that’s just about accepting a myth because….well just because.

And it is not just the marketing that has resulted in my current results because the marketing is in effect a series of promises I make to prospects. Being able to execute on those promises is another huge factor.

No doubt. That is partly my point that more and more seem unable to meet the promises they are making.

Not only that, but they are writing cheques they cannot cash. Stating ROI when you can’t quantify it would be a good example. A cynical person may go so far as to suggest that is a scam in itself? (ooh!!!!)

Have a quiver full of arrows made for specific weather conditions and select the right arrow for the right conditions – and make sure it is straight and sharp because even the right arrow that doesn’t meet the quality test is not going to get the job done.

But if, what you think the right arrow doesn’t work always have another and another you can try until you hit your target!