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Wow! What an interesting thread/question Johny and thanks for stirring it up Bert and all. I’ve loved watching the rebirth of the Dunlop Volley brand go from humble run-of-the-mill tennis shoe to hipster fashion item

Peter – HAHAHA

Everything old is new again. Very fashionable in downtown country Qld in the 70’s/80’s.. Probably made to last all of 10 minutes these days, but once upon a time were virtually indestructible. The equivalent where I am is Converse and now even they have taken what is a very basic shoe and tried to turn it into a fashion item, purely to add margin. Not sure how well it is working.

The fact is that these days with just a little bit of knowledge and money you can set up a slick digital presence that ‘looks’ good or better than most established players overnight. Even if there is nothing fundamentally behind the facade. While this lack of barrier to entry can be good for genuine soloists, in my opinion it also leads to a lot of mediocre offerings that don’t deliver which can erode trust overall, even for the good people. Hence everyone being so skeptical.

Spot on I reckon.

People want trust, reliability, quality and value-for-money. In a nutshell, just be really bloody good at what you do and offer a great product/service consistently, and over time you can build a great business with loyal customers. If that execution is done (i.e. the really hard work and long grind part) then the sales/marketing adds the cream on top.

If I am to be honest, I am not sure I agree with this.

I reckon people want good, but when they find out how much “good” costs, they will settle for average, then complain about it.
I reckon people demand reliability, but don’t practice what they preach when it is their turn.
I reckon people say they want relationships, then complain they are too busy to spend the time developing them.

OOH! I better stop. I reckon I have already earned the title of Mr. Grumpy today.