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Johny, post: 262665, member: 34822 wrote:
I was thinking about that comment Greg. It dawned on me that anyone under about 40 probably doesn’t even know of a time when the local bank manager was a pillar of the community whose advise was sought and respected.

While I truly don’t want to be one of those “back in my day” people, if you haven’t experienced it, you don’t really know if what you have is really better. In many ways it is for sure, but not everything is. I go on LinkedIn every day and see gurus telling me of some great new system/process etc. only to think back and recall them in my work history – a bit like flared jeans?

Not sure that matters.

My 10 year old sets up all my new phones and stuff I need for my computer. That says it all. But she has no clue about being punctual. Not sure that isn’t just part of being a kid, but when adults are the same then you have to wonder.

Agreed, “back in my day” can get boring quickly, even at my age I prefer to look forward for solutions, but I can’t help noticing that some basic principals never change and like you’ve observed, “systems” just come and go.

Often they’re more about providing a living for those promoting and selling them than offering any real lasting benefit to the user. I regularly fall into the trap of trialling some whiz bang app that’s going to make my day easier. With a couple of exceptions, they inevitably fail to deliver what I want and back I go to actually doing the real work.

Marketing is no different imo. Systems based approaches, whether digital or not, often produce a short term boost in leads/conversions, but if the business itself is hollow in the middle it won’t last…unless you keep chucking huge $ at it to “keep them coming”.

In the end it’s about choice, personally I prefer to keep it simple, a few tried and true customers/clients = an easier life.