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stephanieq, post: 262617, member: 112583 wrote:
Hey, thanks for the idea. I was planning on releasing versions in other languages first, but then not only do I need to translate the content, the advertisers would need to (pay) to translate their ads, which is just extra cost for them. But, definitely something I wanted to do! Also, big thanks to the idea of including it as part of their welcome package, that is a great idea!!

I don’t understand why you’d want to go to all the trouble and expense of translating a physical magazine when Google can do it for free. I’ve used Google Translate in a number of countries just this year and I’ve survived to tell the tale. Survived? I’m anaphylatic to the onion family and I only had one issue in seven countries.

I know I’m addicted to the print media but even I agree that this might be one time when you should go digital. If you want to leave the printed magazine as an option for down the track when you’re bringing in money that would make sense financially. But as a start up you need to be getting the information to the people in the format they use. Many backpackers use digital and need a quick translation.