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HI Andrew,

Your comment around this being a unique idea for a hat prompted me to reply –

If your idea is truly ‘unique’ in that it’s a new and distinctive look of hat – think about protecting the design too – at the very least, have any other persons that need to see your design or hear about your idea sign a non-disclosure agreement to keep the possibility of valid design protection alive…

You can read up a bit more on design protection at https://www.ipaustralia.gov.au/designs

As to how to have a prototype made up a quick online search for “prototype services apparel” came up with a heap of places that might be able to help? This one looks ok at a quick look – http://sampleroom.com.au/

If the appearance of your hat is truly new and not yet out there, do consider protecting it. Once you have disclosed it to others you might lose the ability to secure any sort of monopoly or ownership – hence the importance of non-disclosure agreements if you do have a design that might be protectable.